mouz & G2 will face the upper bracket finals at Flashpoint 3

mousesports and G2 have beaten Astralis and NIP, respectively, in the upper bracket semifinals of the Flashpoint 3 playoffs. Christopher "dexter" Nong's lineup was 2-0 stronger than their opponents with a score of 19-17 on Nuke and 16-12 on Overpass, while the Balkan-French team required three maps to win - 12-16 on Dust2, 19-17 on Inferno and 16-14 on Mirage.

"I’d like to play G2 again, I actually love playing them, there’s always mind games going on," dexter said regarding a future match-up against Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač and his cousin. "I’d like to take revenge on them because they beat us the last couple of times."

The upper bracket final at the European RMR tournament between mousesports and G2 will take place May 27. The relegated Astralis will face the winner of the match Heroic - Vitality on May 26, while NIP will play the best team of BIG - DBL PONEY pair.

nexa spoke about his team's development in recent times afther the match ended: "We have NiKo AWPing on some maps and AmaNEk on some, and it's very difficult, it's not like you can just flip a switch and become a rifler after AWPing for two maps in a row," the in-game leader said. "It's something we're working on sorting out. AmaNEk is AWPing on more maps on T side, and we're trying to give NiKo the freedom to be the best rifler in the world, because undoubtedly he is. We're trying to work it out piece by piece, map by map, to put everyone in their comfort zone and put them in their proper roles."

 Current playoffs bracket: