Valve are aiming for 2 majors per year in 2022 & 2023

Valve aims to hold two majors in 2022 and 2023. This is reported by, citing a letter that the CS:GO developer sent to tournament organizers.

Each of the five regions (Europe, CIS, North America, South America and Asia/Oceania) will host one RMR event, on LAN, ahead of the Majors. Valve will provide support for the prize pool, travel and accommodation for these events, which should be held in weeks 14 (early April) and 39 (late September).

According to, tournament operators have until June of this year to submit a bid to host the 2022 majors and RMR events, after which Valve will select an organizer within a month. Bids for 2023 will be accepted until November 2021.

In a letter from the developer of the game also noted that the championships should be held in a time zone that is convenient for most CS:GO users.

Recall, because of the pandemic coronavirus Valve canceled the majors in 2020, introducing a format of RMR-tournaments, in which teams earn qualifying points for the next championship.

The next major will be PGL Major Stockholm with a prize fund of $2 million. It will be held in the Swedish capital from October 23 to November 7, 2021.