AcilioN intends to leave Copenhagen Flames

The Copenhagen Flames of Denmark have announced they've removed Asger "AcilioN" Larsen from the main lineup. The 24-year-old captain expressed his desire to change the team after a long period of unsuccessful search for a fifth player.

Asger says:

“I’ve been really happy with my stay in Copenhagen Flames, and I’ve had a great working relationship with everyone in the club. I’m sad that this ended up being the outcome – I felt like everyone really wanted to make this work and grow together. I think the roster overall had a lot of potential and we were all looking forward to working towards our common goals together. However, we weren’t able to find a good fit for a fifth player. Because of this, I think it’s best for both me and Flames if we look at other options.”

Copenhagen Flames' head of esports Daniel Warborg commented on the announcement that he would not ask for a big buyout for Larsen, thus preventing him from moving to another club. However, he noted that the other three players on the team have also been given the opportunity to explore offers from interested parties while the roster is being rebuilt.

AcilioN has represented the Copenhagen Flames since last October. The biggest accomplishment during that period was a 3-4th place finish at Snow Sweet Snow #2.

The Danish squad is currently participating in BLAST Rising 2021, where they successfully completed the group stage, and qualifying for the Elisa Invitational Summer 2021. CPH Flames is also scheduled to play in the second season of Funspark ULTI 2021 for Europe at the end of May.