Flashpoint 3 closed qualifiers seeding revealed

The organizers of the Flashpoint 3 RMR event have published the results of the draw for the closed qualifiers, which will take place between April 27 and 30. Sixteen teams will face each other in the competition for five slots in the first RMR tournament for Europe in the new season. Qualifiers will be played in the best of three Double Elimination playoffs bracket format.

Pairs in the starting matches:

  •  Complexity –  GameAgents
  •  Sprout –  SKADE
  •  ENCE –  Anonymo
  •  Dignitas –  DBL PONEY
  •  mousesports –  Lilmix
  •  AGO –  Movistar Riders
  •  HAVU –  Sangal
  •  Endpoint –  Tricked
Playoffs bracket seeding

Recall that the European RMR-tournament Flashpoint 3 starts on May 10 and will run until the end of the month.The teams that have received the direct invites to the event are Vitality, NIP, Heroic, BIG, Astralis, fnatic, G2, FunPlus Phoenix, OG, ex-North and FaZe.