G2 NiKo: ‘I’m not performing the way I’m supposed to’

G2 player Nikola "NiKo" Kovac in a short interview with Dot Esports commented on the latest individual and team results. Among other things, the Bosnian noted that he was not satisfied with his personal performance in the first tournaments of the year, which resulted in his average rating of 1.11.

“The way I’ve played over the past three months, it’s definitely not what I expected,” NiKo told Dot Esports. “I expected to play much better. I’m not performing the way I’m supposed to. I’m not delivering the numbers the team needs.”

“He brings so many good things,” NiKo said of JaCkz. “He’s a very supportive player and a really good entry fragger. Both he and AmaNEk can entry frag so the rest of the guys can follow behind and clutch the round. He adds to a good atmosphere as well. He and huNter- have really good chemistry; they just understand each other.”

“One thing I’ve noticed since bringing JaCkz back in is that we click better,” NiKo, huNter-'s cousin, said. “I think everyone feels more confident in their roles. In general, the will to win is somehow much higher than it was. We’re OK with the result from our first event [with JaCkz], but at this one we have to show more.”

NiKo thinks the biggest problem that affected G2 was consistency, saying that the team either looked “really good or really bad,” with no consistency established. But he’s excited for the prospect of competing in the BLAST Spring Showdown, despite teams that have troubled them like Liquid and Astralis looming in the distance.

“We were in an adjustment period for a long time, and now at this event, we’ve figured out how we want to approach the game,” NiKo said. “It’ll be tough to get through to the final round, but if we find our consistency, then we’re going to be really dangerous.”

 In the opening match of the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021, which will take place today, April 13, at 15:30 CET,  G2 will face Endpoint. Live streaming and up-to-date tournament results are available in our match center at the link.

Origin: dotesports.com