Envy CEO: "CS:GO is a globally loved and passion driven esport. One of the best."

Envy owner and CEO Mike "hastr0" Rufail stated that he still continues to consider a return to the CS:GO competitive scene for his team. He noted on Twitter that fans of the eSports sports discipline are very devoted to the game and some of the most passionate supporters for their national players.

Recall that two months ago, Fraglider published information about possible negotiations between the American organization and the former MIBR squad, which currently performs as O PLANO. Notably, an hour after today's announcement by Envy's CEO, Brazilian team captain Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe retweeted the post, accompanying it with the phrase "Will it be?" in Portuguese.

Envy left CS:GO earlier this year, putting all players in the lineup up for transfer. The head of Envy later said he didn't rule out the possibility of a return to the professional shooter scene from Valve as early as 2021.

Origin: twitter.com