FPX upset OG, advance to ESL Pro League Season 13 playoffs

The final match of ESL Pro League Season 13 Group A has ended and the final playoffs participant of this sextet has been determined. OG and FPX have shown a spectacular series with a natural nailbiter in the end. Starting things off the teams played on Nuke, where OG in a confident way have taken 15 rounds, but merely gave up a comeback to their opponents closing out the map only in the final round 14-16 in favor of OG eSports. The next map in the series has been Overpass, where it was FunPlus Phoenix's time to shine. Дания, Denmark, DK Asger "Farlig" Jensen almost single-handedly decided the fate of his opponents by showing impressive 32-13 scoreboard stats and 105 ADR by the end of the map in favor of his team 16-11. The teams moved to the decider afterward, which was chosen by OG, who removed Train with their last ban. It has been an intense map for both teams with several players amusing the audience with one highlight better than another, but in the end, FunPlus Phoenix have managed to win four consecutive rounds in a row, almost leaving no chance for their opponent, which resulted in the final score of 16-14.

In the match for the first spot Heroic have managed to take over Complexity in the final round of the last map as well (16:12 on Mirage, 10:16 on Train and 16:14 on Nuke), and a meeting between of outsiders BIG and Renegades, ended in favor of the Australians (19:15 on Inferno and 16:13 on Dust2).

Group A results saw Complexity and FPX advance to the 1/16 finals of the playoffs, while Heroic will begin competition in the final stage of the tournament from a later stage. OG, Renegades, and BIG are the first to leave ESL Pro League Season 13 with $17,000, $10,000 and $8,000 respectively.

Final Group A table:

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