BIG scored first victory at ESL Pro League Season 13, Heroic still undefeated

BIG have dealt with Complexity easily in the final match of the day in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 13 (16-12 on Mirage and 16-7 on Dust2) thus securing first points in the course of the event. The German team lost to Heroic and OG in their previous matches.

This game was almost single-handedly carried by German talent Германия, Germany, DE Nils "⁠k1to⁠" Gruhne by closing out Mirage with 38 kills (140.6 ADR, 2.05 rating) over the course of 28 rounds, almost doubling anyone else's output on the server to secure first map. He has continued with same pace on Dust2 and by the end of the map was still on top of the scoreboard with 23 kills, but much less ADR statistics - 92.5.

In the other two matches of Group A in the third round of the group stage OG have destroyed Renegades (16:12 on Inferno and 16:6 on Nuke), and afterwards Heroic did not experience any difficulties with  FunPlus Phoenix  and outclassed the opponent 16:10 on Inferno and 16:13 on Overpass.

Group A standings:

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