DeKay quits journalism

Well-known eSports insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis has announced that he is quitting his career as a journalist and moving on to agency work at ULTI Agency, which specializes in helping professional players. He made the announcement in a column for DBLTAP.

In his new assignment, Lewis will be handling transactions between players and teams in CS:GO and Valorant.

During my almost five years as a journalist, I developed a passion for one thing in particular: helping people. I genuinely enjoy putting people in contact with each other, ensuring unpaid players and talent get their money from orgs that try to withhold it, and anything else I can do to stick up for what I believe is right. It has become clear, though, that passion has grown beyond what I can do as a journalist. I want to do more. As a result, I will be transitioning immediately to become an agent for professional CS:GO players and coaches with ULTI Agency. 

I chose to partner with ULTI because they are a fresh company with a lot to prove in Esports. I knew it was a perfect match when I learned that they share the same feelings I have about agencies in esports skimming from professional player salaries. I have always believed that a better model exists and was thrilled to learn they have been executing it since their foundation last summer. We will operate in a transparent fashion and bring something to the game no one else ever has.

DeKay has worked as a journalist since 2015 and in that time has worked with the likes of Slingshot, VPEsports, Dexerto and DBLTAP. He gained notoriety for publishing transfer insides and various investigative journalism.

Since 2018, Lewis has been consistently nominated for the Esports Awards in the eSports Journalist of the Year category.