forZe & Winstrike to the playoffs at Snow Sweet Snow #1

The Snow Sweet Snow #1 group stage is over and all the playoffs participants have been determined. The finalists of the preliminary stages, including Russian forZe and Winstrike, will compete for the championship against the invited teams in Single Elimination bracket/

The CIS representatives will face each other in the playoffs starting matches, while ENCE, GODSENT and Endpoint will face Sprout, Izako Boars and Sangal respectively. The winners will meet in the quarterfinals with the owners of direct invites: sAw, FunPlus Phoenix, Gambit and

Final group stage results

Playoffs seeding:

The first tournament of the Snow Sweet Snow series runs from Jan. 18 to Feb. 10 online. The total prize pool is $100,000, of which $40,000 will go to the champion.