Rumors: Nordavind are aiming for European line-up

The Norwegian organization Nordavind began testing its new line-up, which consists of Estonian, Danish and German players. This is reported by an insider of the European professional CS:GO scene Polish leaks.

According to the published information, the team currently consists of Kevin "HS" Tarn, Anton "supra" Chernobay, Jesper "TENZKI" Plugmann, Daniel "mertz" Merz, and Sabit "mirbit" Koktasar. The entire five players could join Nordavind as free agents.

Notably, HS has previously represented Nordavind, where he served as an in-game leader. He left the organization at the end of September 2020, and half a month later revealed that the roster, which was completely disbanded by the end of the year, lacked a professional approach.