mouz & Complexity top Group B at ESL Pro League S12 Europe

In the course of the fifth day of the European part of ESL Pro League Season 12 three matches took place, according to the results of which mousesports and Complexity became the leaders of Group B, beating fnatic and NiP respectively. In another meeting, the debut victory in the tournament was achieved by Astralis, who defeated FaZe.

On three cards mousesports have coped with fnatic in the first match of the day - 16:8 on Dust2, 13:16 on Inferno and 16:14 on Train. The other two confrontations were not so intense: Complexity beat NiP 2:0 - 16:7 on Train and 16:13 on Nuke, while Astralis was stronger than FaZe 16:7 on Nuke and 16:5 on Train.

Current position of the teams in the group stage:

More information about the intermediate results of the group stage and the full schedule of the next matches of ESL Pro League Season 12 for Europe can be found on the page of the tournament on the link.