Team Spirit, Heroic, North & MIBR invited to the Nine to Five #3 playoffs

The organizers of Nine to Five #3 invited Team Spirit, Heroic, North and MIBR directly to the playoffs of the championship. The owners of the invites will face the finalists of the group stage in the Single Elimination bracket, the full list of which will be determined on August 21.

Galaxy Racer, KOVA, HellRaisers, SJ, Singularity, Izako Boars, SKADE and Copenhagen Flames have won the first stage of the groups. They will compete for playoff spots with teams invited to the second stage - AGO, AVEZ, CR4ZY, FATE, forZe, Nordavind, Syman and Winstrike.

The third tournament in the Nine to Five series takes place from August 10 to 26. A total of 28 participants compete for a prize pool of $50,000. The winner will receive $35,000 and the team that lost in the Grand Final will receive $15,000.