Heroic, FATE, BIG & OG to the groupstages at cs_summit 6

Heroic, FATE, BIG and OG are the strongest participants at the cs_summit 6 qualifiers round for Europe. The finalists took part in the group stage, where they will join the owners of direct invites.

Nordavind, Endpoint, Dignitas, MAD Lions, Japaleno, HAVU, AVEZ and Sprout have lost in the starting matches and are finishing their performance atcs_summit 6. Teams who were defeated in the slot match fnatic, PACT, Complexity and c0ntact will face each other in junction matches to determine the last member of the group stage.

Results of the qualifying stage:

Seeding of junction matches:

List of participants in the group stage cs_summit 6 for Europe:

 Movistar Riders  
 Copenhagen Flames 
Finalist of the qualifiers stage #5

cs_summit 6 runs from June 22 to July 5 and acts as a ranking tournament for ESL One Rio 2020. In the European region, 27 teams compete for $125,000 in prize money and points in the RMR rankings.