CS:GO Update Release Notes for 5/11/2020

– Improved reliability of picking up weapons with +use when nearby dropped grenades are present. (Thanks birkir!)
– Explosive grenade damage around small obstacles such as stairs will now apply damage to players more reliably.
– Hostages will no longer obscure flashbang traces, allowing players behind them to be blinded.
– Players that start the round with a taser and no pistol no longer have their taser deleted, and rechargeable tasers are now recharged at round start.
– Fixed Danger Zone piloted drone self-destruct timer resetting due to zone damage or repeated player input.

– Added a setting sv_pure_allow_loose_file_loads for game servers to control whether third-party files can be loaded by clients. Users are allowed to have third-party files on disk, but the files will be ignored when playing on such pure game servers. If users already loaded third-party files into game memory, then their game client must be restarted in order to connect to such pure game servers.
– Added a setting sv_pure_allow_missing_files for game servers to control what happens to clients that load files missing on the game server. When disabled, if a connected player loaded third-party files into game memory that game server is missing, the player will be kicked.
– Added a message explaining to the client which file mismatched the pure server configuration and caused a user disconnect.

– Improved loadout animations in buy menu for several agents and weapon combinations.
– Fixed certain game instructor hints displaying incorrect key bindings in certain languages (e.g. “sfrutteranno” in Italian).
– Added a setting con_allownotify to allow hiding top-right corner notifications if “Overflowed CClientRenderablesList” notification appears in 21:9 resolutions.