Flashpoint 1. Cloud9, Gen.G & FunPlus Phoenix to the groups' finals

By the end of the next game day of the first season of the Flashpoint league the finalists of each of the three groups have been determined. HAVU, MiBR and MAD Lions, which previously passed through the top bracket were joined Cloud9, Gen.G and FunPlus Phoenix respectively.

In the final of the lower brakcet of group A, Cloud9 and Envy collided. The teams exchanged victories on each others and reached the decisive Dust2. The first half of the card ended with Johnny "JT" Theodosiou's team advantage in five rounds, which largely determined the outcome of the game - 16:12 in favor of Cloud9.

Dignitas and Gen.G decided who would play against MiBR in Group B's Grand Final in a BO3 match. Dust2 has presented an equal fight, and the American team came out the winner - 13:16. On Inferno Dignitas were close to evening the score, finishing the first half with a result of 10:5, but after the change of sides Gen.G took a series of eleven rounds, giving only one - 11:16.

The final match was the rivalry between FunPlus Phoenix and c0ntact. Bad News Bears, which represents the Chinese organization at Flashpoint 1, confidently beat Europeans on Dust2 (16:7), but on the next card - Inferno - have been defeated (3:16). On the decisive Nuke, the North American team skillfully took advantage of the defense, finishing the first half 11-4, which was enough to bring the game to a victorious end in the attack - 16:11.

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