Flashpoint 1. MAD Lions advance to the playoff

In Group C of the second group stage at Flashpoint 1 he upper bracket final and the lower bracket semi-finals have been played. MAD Lions beat c0ntact and guaranteed themselves a spot at the playoff, while FunPlus Phoenix were stronger than Chaos.

Both MAD Lions and c0ntact have clashed in an equal combat. Nuke ended up in favor of the Danes after a series of four rounds from 12-12, while on Mirage it took the teams four overtimes to determine the strongest, 28-24.

The Chaos - FunPlus Phoenix match also turned out to be quite intense. After exchanging victories on the opponent's cards, the rivals faced the decisive Train. The first half was won by the Phoenixes, who started for the attack, but soon after the change of sides the parity was restored - 10:10. In most of the final rounds Chaos managed to plant the bomb, but the successful action of Peter "ptr" Guernay's team on retakes did not allow them to score more than two rounds - 16:12.

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