Flashpoint 1. Dignitas over Orgless, MiBR to group final

In the second group stage of Flashpoint 1, the first Grand Final participant and the main underdog have been decided. MiBR have been stronger than Gen.G and will compete for first place, while Orgless lost to the more experienced Dignitas in the relegation game

It took all three map in the BO3-series to determine the winner of Gen.G - MiBR pair. On Dust 2, Damian "daps" Steele's team claimed a confident win, giving the opponent only one round for the defense - 16:8. The following Vertigo and Train were in a more equal struggle and ended with a small advantage of the Brazilians - 16:13 and 16:12 respectively.

Dignitas and Orgless also played all three cards before the Swedish team took over the North American opponent. With victories on the enemy's picls, which went almost in the same way, the teams faced the decisive Train. Both halves of the maps ended in a tie, but already in the first round of additional rounds Dignitas defeated Orgless 4:0. Results: Nuke - 16:10 (Orgless), Inferno - 16:11 (Dignitas), Train - 19:15 (Dignitas).

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