Flashpoint 1. Dignitas & Cloud9 advance to Group C finals

Dignitas and Cloud9 advanced to the Group C upper bracket final at Flashpoint 1, by defeating Orgless and FunPlus Phoenix respectively with a 2-1 map score. The defeated teams will determine the strongest one among themselves in the bottom grid.

Dignitas approached the match against Orgless with a substitution in the squad: Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovac took the place of Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli, as he could not participate in the tournament due to visa problems. The Swedes showed their perfomance on Train for the first time since the reunion, but failed to surprise the opponent, losing 16-8. Then the teams moved to Nuke, which was chosen by Dignitas, and here the weaker was already the North American team - 10:16. The place of the decisive confrontation took place on Inferno, where the teams exchanged an impressive series of rounds, and in the end, the victory by a margin of four rounds was taken by more experienced Dignitas.

The parallel meeting with Cloud9 and FunPlus Phoenix took place on the same maps, but in a different order. The Danish team quickly dealt with the opponent's defense and finished half with 11:4 on the scoreboard on nuke, which was enough to score the victory after the change of sides - 16:10. On the next map FunPlus Phoenix were close to triumph in the BO3 match, but Cloud9 managed to overtake control of the game and won by overtime. The final Inferno was completely dictated by the North American team and once again confirmed that it is one of the strongest in their map pool.

Current Group C results on Flashpoint 1:

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