G2 outplay Team Spirit in the Champions Cup Finals grandinal

Champions Cup Finals took place in the Maltese city of St Julians from 19 to 22 December. The $300,000 prize money competition started with a Double Elimination (GSL) BO1+BO3 group stage, with four finalists competing in the Single Elimination BO3 bracket.

 G2 got into the same group with   Team Spirit,  Hard Legion &  BIG, where they confidently dealt with their rivals and took first place. In addition to the future champion,  FURIA,  ENCE &  Team Spirit made it to the next round.

In the semifinals of the playoff stage  G2 defeated  ENCE and in the final match they beat  Team Spirit.

Distribution of the prize fund:

1.  G2 – $150,000
2.  Team Spirit – $50,000
3-4.  FURIA – $25,000
3-4.  ENCE – $25,000
5-6.  Movistar Riders – $15,000
5-6.  Hard Legion – $15,000
7-8.  TYLOO – $10,000
7-8.  BIG – $10,000