4 players from Vega Squadron are now free agents

Denis "seized" Kostin and Dmitry "Dima" Bandurka are no longer bound by the contract with Vega Squadron. This was reported by former players of the Russian club on Twitter. Igor "crush" Shevchenko and Alexander "scoobyxie" Marinich reported that they are no longer part of Vega Squadron and received the status of free agents as well.

On August 13, Vega Squadron announced the temporary withdrawal from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and readiness to consider transfer offers for all players. At the moment, Dmitry "jR" Chervak is the only player that remains in the roster.

Vega Squadron signed Denis "seized" Kostin and Dmitry "Dima" Bandurka in early April this year. During this period, the team unsuccessfully performed at several tournaments, including failed qualifications for CIS Minor - Berlin 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019.

Igor "crush" Shevchenko was bought back from pro100 in April 2018. At that time, the Ukrainian organization stated that the transfer was one of the most expensive in the history of the CIS cybersports. During this period, Vega Squadron took second place at StarSeries i-League S6 and Bucharest Gaming Week Invitational, and also performed unsuccessfully at FACEIT Major 2018 and IEM Katowice 2019.

Alexander "scoobyxie" Marinic joined Vega Squadron in April this year. Together with him, the team took part in several tournaments and qualifications, where it did not show significant results.