Sprout, NiP & Envy will take part ESL Pro League S10 regular season

The second stage of the EPL S9 Relegation for Europe and North America is over, the last representatives of these regions have been determined for the next season of the ESL Pro League. GermanySprout and SwedenNiP turned out to be the strongest participants in the European qualifiers finals, leaving RussiaTeam Spirit and FranceHeretics behind. The last slot for North America has been secured by USAEnvy, who defeated South African South AfricaATK in the final match of the Double Elimination bracket.

Second Stage EPL S9 EU Relegation bracket:

EPL S9 EU Relegation Results:

1.  Windigo – ESL Pro League S10 spot
2. Germany Sprout – ESL Pro League S10 spot
3. Sweden NiP – ESL Pro League S10 spot
4. France Heretics – ESEA MDL S32 spot
5. Russia Team Spirit – ESEA MDL S32 spot
6. Turkey Turkey5 – ESEA MDL S32 spot

Second Stage EPL S9 NA Relegation brackets:

EPL S9 NA Relegation Results:

1. USA Lazarus – ESL Pro League S10 spot
2. USA Envy – ESL Pro League S10 spot
3. South Africa ATK – ESEA MDL S32 spot
4. USA Singularity – ESEA MDL S32 spot
5. Brazil INTZ – ESEA MDL S32 spot

The regular season of ESL Pro League S10 will take place October 8 to November 18. Venues of the European and American championships remain unknown.

European division participants ESL Pro League S10:

Europe mousesports
Europe FaZe
France G2
Denmark Astralis
Sweden fnatic
Denmark North
Europe HellRaisers
Denmark Heroic
Poland Aristocracy
Russia Natus Vincere
Denmark OpTic
Germany BIG
France Vitality
Germany Sprout
Sweden NiP

American division participants ESL Pro League S10:

USA Liquid
Brazil Luminosity
Brazil MiBR
North America Cloud9
Australia Renegades
USA Ghost 
USA eUnited
USA Complexity
Argentina Isurus
Colombia Infinity
Brazil FURIA
USA Lazarus
South Africa ATK
South America SA Relegation qualifier winner