Valve Releases StarLadder Berlin Major Stickers, Viewer Pass and Event Coins

Valve unveiled StarLadder Berlin Major items Tuesday as hype and anticipation continues to build for the second Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major of the year.

The Viewer Pass and Event Coins, new CS:GO features added last Major, return for the StarLadder Berlin event. Players who purchase a Viewer Pass will be granted an Event Coin to level up throughout the duration of the Major.

Players must complete challenges in CS:GO to earn coins to unlock Souvenir packages. The Pick-Em challenge returns as well with players using team stickers to predict who will advance from each stage.

Valve was met with backlash from CS:GO personalities including Team Liquid general manager Steve "Jokasteve" Perino and Grayhound Gaming player Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney among others.

Team and autograph stickers are available for the Legends teams, Returning Challengers and Minor qualifiers. Additionally, there are team graffiti and chat flair available for players to customize even further.

The StarLadder Berlin Major runs Aug. 23 through Sept. 8 with $1 million on the line.