Austria and Subzero Replaced by Abbey and Zoo for CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is undergoing changes as Austria and Subzero will be removed from the game’s official matchmaking and replaced by new community-created map Abbey and a community favorite returning after a three-year absence, Zoo.

The announcement was made Thursday by Valve.

Austria was a community-created bomb defusal map featured in Operation Hydra in May 2017 and added officially in November of that year. Subzero was similarly a community-created bomb defusal map added to the game alongside Biome in November 2018.

Abbey is a new community-created bomb defusal map, themed after a village in the Mediterranean. Zoo was announced as part of Operation Bloodhound in May 2015, but removed from the game files in Oct. 2016. Both are now part of Defusal Group Sigma for Casual and Deathmatch, to be added to Competitive matchmaking in the coming weeks.

Also changed is a new version of Vertigo for Wingman's official matchmaking, as well as various changes to Biome, including redesigns of map connectors. Accounts are now also automatically upgraded to Prime upon reaching Level 21. Noises caused by jumping have also been adjusted for more consistent behavior, among other bug fixes.