eUnited's CS:GO Coach Has Been Released Following Unsolicited Photo Incident

eUnited CS:GO coach, Jared "osorandom" Hartman has been released from the organization.

This follows the news of Hartman being accused of sending unsolicited nude photos to Sophie Liddell, a woman focusing on graphic design in esports.

Sophie Liddell recently tweeted a poll asking if she should "start calling out people and orgs who I've experienced, witnessed and covered up/ turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and misconduct."

Around six hours later, she tweeted a photo of a text conversation with Hartman.

"I apologize for sending you an unsolicited photo. I will not be contacting you again. Good luck in your search and I wish you the best in your esports career."

Liddell explains that an "unsolicited photo," is "multiple nude photos I didn't ask for nor agree to being sent."

Liddell states later she reached out to eUnited and said not to make a big deal. The text message conversation shows a date of June 16, 2018, and neither eUnited or Hartman has made mention of the incident.

Hartman was most recently in the news feed after his Wife and he adopted a baby girl in August.