DreamHack Tours Groups and Schedule Unveiled

While many teams are preparing for ESL Pro League in Dallas, eight other Counter-Strike teams have traveled to Tours, France for a DreamHack Open.

You have a good mix of upcoming teams trying to find consistent results are tournaments and once mighty brands that are struggling to win.

Team EnVyUs is one of the struggling teams as they have been relegated from both ECS and EPL. As the sole representative of France at the tournament, you can bet that Envy will feel the pressure. They already made a coaching change, most likely a panic move, and if things falter, expect more drastic changes on the horizon.

It will be fun to see teams like Torqued and The Imperial to compete on a bigger stage. While many will be watching the ESL Finals, don't forget to keep an eye out in France. There are plenty of storylines to keep you interested.