TACO Does Reddit AMA After Leaving SK Gaming

Following Epitácio "TACO" de Melo's departure from SK Gaming, the Brazilian player hosted an AMA on the Global Offensive subreddit answering questions about his personal life, in game life, his past and future.

In the AMA, TACO stated that he went through three instances of wanting to leave SK Gaming. He wanted to leave after the first major the team won, stating that he felt too inexperienced and needed more credit for the win. The second and third times were more recent. He wanted to leave after Starladder last year and then this year before WESG, in both instances he pointed to internal troubles.

TACO also gave some insight into what he plans to do next. He stated that he will "Analyze and wait for the offers. Play, watch and improve a lot as a player. Learn English and play FPL to improve my english comm and also learn the positions in english. Stream and make youtube videos (just a little bit since I will have a lot of free time, but I dont want to lose my focus doing that)."

His more team-oriented goals for the future are more simple, "I want a new experience and my plans now are to play for an American or European/international team."

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