OverDrive reveals Cloud9's new lineup

Insider and scout Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov unveiled the names of all esports athletes who will be part of Cloud9's new Counter-Strike 2 roster. He told about this via his X social media account.

In particular, Alexey confirmed that Nikita "HeavyGod" Martynenko and Kaisar "ICY" Faiznurov will be the new members of the squad. The former is currently an OG player, while the latter recently officially departed AMKAL.

According to OverDrive, the fifth player of the American club will be none other than Timofey "interz" Yakushin. Since February of this year, the Russian esports athlete has been on TSM's bench.

Cloud9's management has not yet made any official statements on this matter.

Previously, coach Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov, who is currently helping Cloud9, explained what responsibilities he has in the North American club – it was hooch who was responsible for picking players for the new starting five.

 Cloud9's possible lineup looks as follows:

 Sergey "⁠Ax1Le⁠" Rykhtorov
 Kirill "⁠Boombl4" Mikhaylov
 Nikita "HeavyGod" Martynenko
 Kaisar "ICY" Faiznurov
 Timofey "interz" Yakushin

Origin: x.com