Entropiq puts entire roster up for transfer due to cancellation of open qualifiers for Major

Czech esports club Entropiq benched its entire Counter-Strike 2 roster and put all the players up for transfer. The organization announced this via its X social media account.

According to Entropiq's official statement, this decision was made due to changes related to the qualifiers for the upcoming Shanghai Major. It refers to the cancellation of open qualifiers for RMRs in all regions except Asia.

Note that Entropiq rebuilt its CS2 roster in early May of this year. Three new players then joined the squad: Christian "Buzz" Andersen, Dion "FASHR⁠" Derksen and Iulian "⁠regali" Harjău.

Previously the Serbian club iNation announced its exit from the Counter-Strike 2 pro scene for the same reason – all former team players entered free agency.

 Entropiq's former lineup looks as follows:

 Tizian "⁠tiziaN⁠" Feldbusch
 Max "⁠Marix⁠" Kugener
 Christian "⁠Buzz⁠" Andersen
 Iulian "⁠regali⁠" Harjău
 Dion "⁠FASHR⁠" Derksen

 Niclas "⁠enkay J⁠" Krumhorn (coach)

Origin: x.com