Stewie2K to give G2's managers share of his prize money from IEM Dallas 2024

American esports athlete Jake "Stewie2K" Yip will give share of the prize money he earned at the tournament in Dallas to G2's managers. The sum in question is five thousand US dollars. The player told the viewers about this during his stream on Twitch.

We were talking about the tournament, and I think we were talking about the prize pool. I asked them how G2 divides the prize pool, because obviously there is TaZ and there are the managers too. Obviously, the managers don't really get much.

He [the manager] said what percentage he got. And I was like, "Okay, since I'm getting this amount, I'll deduct $5,000 and you two can split it between each other".

Obviously, he was being generous, saying that I don't have to do this, and stuff like that. But I wanted to do it. Honestly, the prize winnings is just whatever, it's more about experience. I had a good time.

Note that Stewie2K competed as a stand-in for G2 at IEM Dallas 2024 in the USA – the team eventually secured first place at the event and earned $100,000 (as well as a ticket to IEM Cologne 2024). In the final of the competition, G2 defeated Vitality with a scoreline of 2:1.