snow officially joins paiN

17-year-old Brazilian talent João "⁠snow⁠" Vinicius has been confirmed as a paiN player. Previously, the new team of the player, who spent the last year with Case, was named by Dust2 Brasil.

Over the past month, many clubs have been interested in snow⁠. In particular, Fluxo and KaBuM wanted to sign the prospect, while Wildcard even started discussing the terms of the transfer, but was declined at the last moment.

paiN's rookie replaced Marcelo "⁠nyezin⁠" Ramos, who was temporarily promoted to the main team from the club's academy. Notably, he will not return to the youth roster, since as part of the agreement on snow ⁠he moved to Case on a loan deal.

The updated paiN roster will debut in the coming days. The Brazilian squad will participate in the South American online tournament RES Regional Series 4.

 paiN are now:

 Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt
 Lucas "lux" Meneghini
 Kaue "⁠kauez⁠" Kaschuk
 Lucas "nqz" Soares
 João "⁠snow⁠" Vinicius

 Henrique "rikz" Wakku (coach)