saadzin to become Legacy's new player

Brazilian club Legacy will soon sign 19-year-old AWPer Guilherme "saadzin" Pacheco, who is currently a member of the W7M roster. Dust2 Brasil reported this, citing the representatives of both organizations.

saadzin will replace Jake "Stewie2K" Yip, who joined Legacy as a temporary stand-in following the departure of Marcelo "coldzera" David.

Currently, the parties are in the final stages of negotiations on the transfer of the esports athlete. saadzin himself, in turn, is now going through the procedure of obtaining an American visa – the player is expected to join his new teammates in Texas, USA, in the coming weeks.

Note that coldzera announced his departure from Legacy in mid-April. Several days later he found himself at the center of a legal scandal over his move to RED Canids. You can find out more about this in our article.

Should the transfer take place,  Legacy's roster will look as follows:

 Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer
 Bruno "latto" Rebelatto
 Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato
 Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara
 Guilherme "saadzin" Pacheco

 Olavo "⁠chucky⁠" Napoleão (coach)