Legacy plans to move to North America

Brazilian organization Legacy intends to move its roster to North America. Team manager Américo Verde told about this in an interview with GameArena.

Now it is more profitable for us to stay in the USA. This decision was made together with the players. From a tournament perspective, we will find the best conditions for our project in the short, medium and long term. Thus, after the Major we will be competing in North America.

According to him, the roster sees no prospects of staying in Brazil and finds being located in North America attractive from a competitive standpoint. Legacy believes that the region will provide more conditions for the training process and team development.

It is expected that the team will change its location after PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, which will take place in March. At the same time, Legacy has yet to qualify for the Major.

Previously, Los Grandes CEO Alexandre "kakaveL" Peres complained about Brazil's weak infrastructure. Because of this, the region is far behind North America in terms of competition and does not provide needed conditions for the local teams.

Origin: gamearena.gg