Battle Royale may return to CS under different name

Counter-Strike 2 developers continue to work on introducing the Danger Zone mode, which was CS:GO's take on the Battle Royale genre. The author of the MOLECULARNIK YouTube channel shared the discovery from the latest game update data.

According to the information reported, in CS2 the mode is under "survival" name and was intentionally left in the game code. The data-miner admitted that in the new version of the shooter Danger Zone may be released under a different name.

At the same time, it became known that the developers are experimenting with displaying statistics in the scoreboard. The number of kills, deaths and assists will likely be replaced with alternative indicators or the scoreboard will include additional statistics.

Notably, yesterday, December 1, a big update was released for CS2, which improved the subtick and animation systems, as well as addressed multiple bugs. A day later, the game received subsequent small patch, as the developers fixed identified shortcomings.