nafany: "In general, CS2 is fire if it will be polished"

BetBoom's IGL Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov shared in an interview with the studio that covers PARI Please 2023, his opinion on the current state of Counter-Strike 2, which was officially released on September 27. Russian esports athlete sees great potential in the new version of Valve's shooter, noting the good pace of game's improvement through regular updates.

In general, CS2 is fire if it will be polished. Currently, the game just has a lot of bugs in it. At the previous tournament there was a moment when zorte played with an AWP, but on my screen he was shooting from a machine gun. That is, I was spectating him after I died, and I had a machine gun on the screen, even though he was doing nothing but walking around with AWP. There are a lot of moments like this.

But I have to say that Valve is working at a very great pace. Previously, updates were released every six months, which was already good. Now, some kind of update comes out every week, and it’s really noticeable. Not even regarding any improvements in terms of shooting and other things, but something is being changed on the maps, some important bug has been fixed. <...> Judging by the pace at which they release updates, I think that by the New Year CS2 will become more playable than it was and is now.

Notably, yesterday a big update of several gigabytes was released for CS2. The developers have improved the sub-tick system, as well as fixed multiple known bugs in gameplay, animation, interface, competitive map pool, etc.