New events and anti-cheat: ESL and FACEIT open up about new plans after merger

ESL FACEIT Group, created after the merger of the tournament operator and the esports platform, spoke about plans to develop the competitive CS:GO scene. Among other things, they mentioned a new anti-cheat, the expansion of regional and women's tournaments around the world, as well as support for CS in North America.

The ESL FACEIT Group's press release highlights seven main points:

  • Development of a more modern and powerful anti-cheat. It will be available not only to the teams taking part in various tournaments but also to normal users of FACEIT and ESEA.
  • Financial support for local tournament organizers through establishing a fund of $100,000. Any regional organizer who submits an application can apply for getting support.
  • Rewards for teams that invest in North American rosters and spend a significant amount of time competing in the region. North American clubs that do not currently have CS:GO rosters will be actively encouraged in creating rosters of players from their region.
  • FACEIT and ESEA will expand their presence in North America and create the necessary conditions for quick communication with local teams and players. The FACEIT studio in California will be used for some of the LAN tournaments.
  • Supporting the most promising players on FACEIT and ESEA on their way to the competitive scene. Top talents will work under renowned coaches to improve their game, and also will be invited to big ESL tournaments to meet professional players and teams.
  • The ESEA’s Cash Cups, previously held in Europe and North America, are expanding to include South America, Asia, Oceania and South Africa. A total of $100,000 will be allocated for the prize pool of these competitions.
  • The previously announced ESL women's circuit is expanding and in the first season, along with Europe and North America, it will also take place in South America. More information on the possible participation of teams from Oceania and South Africa will be provided in the next few weeks.

ESL and FACEIT were acquired by the consortium Savvy Gaming Group, which is funded by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. According to Sports Business Journal, the deal amounted to $1.5 billion.