Jame: "Individually, now Virtus.pro are at the level of NAVI and Gambit"

Dzhami "Jame" Ali, an in-game leader of Virtus.pro, believes that currently the individual level of his team is comparable to that of NAVI and Gambit. He stated this during an interview for the club's YouTube channel.

Why are NAVI and Gambit winning? These are individually strong teams. Previously, we lacked this in some moments, when a player himself could do crazy things. We couldn't do it. Individually, now we are at the level of NAVI and Gambit.

According to Jame, last year his team did not reach the level of the leaders of the professional CS:GO scene.

Our results in 2021 are not good, but not bad either. In matches against NAVI, Gambit and Vitality they are bad. Although I'm not sure about Vitality, because they fell apart eventually. When it comes to other teams, the results are okay. But that's still not what we practice for.

Speaking of VP's goals for 2022, Jame couldn't decide between consistently good performances without big wins and having championship titles assuming a downturn after.

Either you are a consistent top contender that reaches semifinals, or you win one championship and then pull back, make a substitution and win again. I don't know which one is better: fleeting fame or money from all the tournaments. Of course, I want to win everything, have money and dominate, but... I don’t know.

IEM Katowice 2022 will be the first event for Virtus.pro this year. The prestigious LAN tournament will take place from February 15 to 27.

Origin: youtu.be