kNgV- to leave MiBR

MIBR captain Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe declared in his Twitter that he asked the team management to transfer him to the reserve. According to the 28-year-old Brazilian, the organization is not interested in signing a strong squad and offers terms that do not match the latest results.

Thanks all,

First of all, i would like to thank God for the opportunity to bring me to here, was a child's dream to wear this jersey, and in my point of view i honored.

I had a love releationship with the fans and was a big learning for me, my adaptation was really tough. In that point i experience the real pression for high performance, something that i never had in my carrier, i wont lie and say it was easy, i had to rebuild and be resilient as individual and collectively.

I was sure finding my high level i would be able to represent my familly, my friends and all the brazilian fans.

Thank you so much for all the suport that you all given in this journey. Beeing captain and for the first time in MIBR was a dream that come true.

When i was hired for MIBR i believed it was in a team that was close to be sucess and i was there to help. But i found a team with internal and external issues and a hard way to go through, we tryed really hard as individual and collectively but unfortunately we could not make it. The damage was done.

Had to admit was a momment with alot of sinergy and we belived that we were close to evolve our collectively level and starting winning, unfortunately nothing change.
Thanks to Fallen, Fer, Taco and Dead, i learned and keep learning from you guys, all the opportunities that was pass to me. In that point i took the tough commitment to lead and rebuilt this heavy tag.

I always been a competitive guy and this time was no different, i tryed my best in this new roll, to lift trophy. With all the choose and posibility founded players and a coach with a high cs level and great personality to work together.

With all the dificults and expectations that was put on us, i took in our favor to build our union and sinergy. We never played together before and we face each other in a time that we had a week to pracc and face the best team in the world.

The rest you guys lived with us!!

To compete against the best team in the world in such a short time and we almost have that game.

That is it guy, we could not make a agreement with mibr, and the problem was never the money, lack of dialogue and low interest made us to decided to seek for a new home.

I took a lot of responsability beeing a leader, i had to build a crew to work with me, doing so i could be more focus playing, but at same time i had my social media, videos, etc, working at the same page as me! What im saying is, i was hired to do a normal player role, but at the end i was doing so much more and i give all my best to delivery a good show for all.

Analyzing the last 3 months, in my role as a captain i was Top3 in rating 2.0 and Top1 as impact comparing as others IGL'S on TOP20.

I have to consider the team performance and individually that we reach and i cant take a 75% devaluation in my new contract, it goes against what i belive and work for.
Sometimes in life things dont go as we plan, but im pretty sure this team has a victory path ahead.

Saying so, i inform you guys that im benched my self and i have a solid 6 player project with Cogu, Lucas1 and Hen1.
With love,

For contact [email protected] or DM

At the same time, Giuseppe confirmed rumors that he is part of a new Brazilian project where he will play with his former teammates, who were expelled from MIBR a few days earlier.

kNgV- has been playing under the MIBR umbrella since September 2019. After the departure of Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo in September 2020, he took over as captain and assembled his squad, which included Vinicius "vsm" Moreira, Leonardo "leo_drk" Oliveira and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles as stand-ins. The renewed squad failed to make it to the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals through the qualifiers and finished fourth at Flashpoint 2 before being disbanded.

Currently, Alencar "trk" Rossato is the only current MIBR player. Shortly after announcing the end of the partnership with the trio of standouts and interim coach, a message was posted on the organization's official Twitter, hinting at the signing of "new faces" in the near future.