North put aizy & MSL on transfer

North players Philip "aizy" Aistrup and Matthias "MSL" Lauridsen have been put on transfer. This was announced by the Danish organization on its official website.

"I'd like to thank Mathias and Philip, they are two of North's longest servants across their time here and have helped shape and re-shape North through many years. These decisions do not come lightly but sometimes change is necessary. Both players have aspirations to be at the very top and neither signed on for the type of project that we are moving forward with. They are both deserving of a project that will see their talents be put to the best use, and North will not stand in the way of finding them new homes," says Graham Pitt, Head of Esports Operations.

The new economical sustainable CS:GO strategy "will focus on recruiting young, talented players from the massive Nordic talent pool," says Graham Pitt.

"It takes time to build a strategy like this - to rework the entire philosophy of the team and organization. Since I joined North a year ago, I have been looking at how we can re-build into a sustainable project, where much time has gone into developing our scouting capabilities and player development initiatives," says Graham Pitt.

Both eSports athletes are also excluded from the main line-up, and their place is taken by Christopher "Kristou" Aamand, who returned from the rent in AGF, and Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson on trial period

North presented these changes as another step of the new strategy, which should make it easier for Scandinavian players to get to the professional stage. The first step was to conclude a partnership agreement with AGF.

With the arrival of new players, team roles have also changed. The role of the North in-game leaderis transferred to Niklas "gade" Gade from MSL, he will also be assisted by Rene "cajunb" Borg. The management of the organization noted that it will not hurry to sign the fifth player, and kreaz is one of several candidates who will be given a chance to prove themselves.

It should be added that aizy played for North from 2017 and during this time won such major tournaments as ESL Pro League Season 5 and DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018. Together with him, he won these championships and MSL, but unlike the timeframe, he temporarily left the lineup and played for Rogue and OpTic.

The first tournament for the updated North Roster will be DreamHack Masters Winter 2020, which will be held from November 30 to December 6. The Danish team will play in Group B together with FURIA, Sprout, G2, mousesports, Liquid, GODSENT and Astralis.

The current line-up of North:

 Rene "cajunb" Borg
 Niklas "gade" Gade
 Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson
 Christopher "Kristou" Aamand
 Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson (trial)

 Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtssson (Coach)

 Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen (on transfer)
 Philip "aizy" Aistrup (on transfer)