ESIC unbanned lmbt

eSport Integrity Commission acquitted forZe coach Sergey "lmbt" Bejanov and withdrew the previously issued ban for the coaching bug abuse. The Russian organization reported in its group on social media that they had received a letter from ESIC with relevant decisions.

Bejanov was banned for 7.5 months but eventually dropped the charges in all four cases mentioned in the investigation. On August 27 this year on two maps against MIBR, he could not take advantage of the vulnerability, because at that moment he was in the studio of Maincast. In a match against Nordavind August 8, 2020 and with NAVI September 3, 2015 lmbt did not use the bug for its advantage, disconnect in time and contacted the administrators.

ESIC informed forZe that this decision was supported by the tournament operator ESL, which is the organizer of the current RMR event IEM New York 2020 for the CIS.

Thus, Bejanov became the first coach who managed to obtain amnesty from eSports Integrity Commission.