Gambit Youngsters coach had used the exploit

The coach of Gambit Youngsters Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov used the exploit in the match against AGO on February 17, 2020. This was announced by Twitter user Boris Litvyakov, who, judging by the profile description, is an employee of the analytical portal SCOPE.GG.

From the demo recording, you can see that F_1N used a camera bug near the CT base on Dust2. According to the author of the video, Gambit Youngsters coach moved the mouse throughout the map, watching the movements of his opponent. Litvyakov also said that he had known Kochugov for a long time and hoped that he would be able to explain what happened. Russian team lost that match against AGO with the score 1:2  within OGA Counter PIT Season 7.

After the publication of an investigation into the abuse of the coaching bug, ESL and DreamHack banned Heroic, MIBR and Hard Legion mentors. Subsequently, the eSports Integrity Commission began an extensive study of all matches on the professional stage since 2016 and called on coaches who used the bug to confess themselves.