smooya dismissed from Chaos

Chaos has announced the end of  cooperation with Brit Owen "smooya" Butterfield. The reason for this decision was the circumstances surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Today we are releasing Owen “smooya” Butterfield from his contract. The ongoing pandemic has placed his visa interview on indefinite hiatus, and has stopped him from being able to compete with the team in the United States. Smooya will be searching for a new team to play for immediately. 

Smooya is an exceptional talent, and we appreciate all of the energy he brought to the team both in, and out of the game. We hope that he finds success on whatever team he ends up on next.

 On 20 March, it became known that smooya would not be able to participate in the upcoming matches of Chaos, as he had to return to the UK to complete the American visa. According to the player himself, his interview at the embassy was postponed indefinitely due to quarantine measures in the country.

He joined Chaos in January this year. The biggest achievement of the team during this period was the successful qualification for the first season of the Flashpoint league.

Chaos is currently participating at Flaspoint 1, which takes place in the North American region, with Logan "Voltage" Long. The 20-year-old sniper has been rented from Triumph.