Astralis could use 6 players at ESL & BLAST tournaments

Astralis, who signed Patrick "es3tag" Hansen as the sixth player yesterday, will be able to change the lineup right in the course of matches. This possibility is provided by the tournaments regulations from BLAST and ESL, excluding the majors.

The situation with the majors is different: Valve allows five players and the coach to perform, but only one substitution in case of emergency. However, a player who has left the lineup during the tournament will not be able to return.

Astralis Group CEO Nikolay Nikholm said that all decisions on the use of players will be made by coach Danny "zonic" Sorensen. He also expressed hope that the rules of most tournaments would be changed as soon as possible, as the expanded squads should become normal for other teams in the next few years.

Earlier in the press release Astralis noted that the need for a permanent spare in the squad is primarily due to the concern for the physical and psychological health of the players, who can now take a break from the competition without affecting the team's uniform.