All participants for European Minor - Rio 2020 decided

 The final game day of the European Minor - Rio 2020 qualifying day finished and the final four participants of the upcoming tournament were determined. The final matches took place in a tense struggle, the winners of which appeared to be Movistar Riders, Copenhagen Flames, GODSENT and Dignitas, leaving without a ticket to Rio de Janeiro nominal favorites in the face of Sprout, BIG, Heroic and OG.

 Movistar Riders and Copenhagen Flames beat SMASH and Sprout respectively in difficult matches, OG outclassed KOVA and the triumph in the Scandinavian confrontation was celebrated by the more experienced Nordavind.

The whole series of sensations began with a tense first map BIG vs. Movistar Riders, which ended 20-22 in favour of the Spanish. On their Mirage, the German team at 21st place in the world managed to get back the parity, but in the decisive game lost to a very ambitious opponent.

The European Counter-Strike fans continued to be amazed by Copenhagen Flames, who replaced the captain shortly before qualification. The meeting with the formidable Heroic was equal, but on both BO3-series maps the team from Copenhagen scored a victory.

The match GODSENT vs. OG unexpectedly started with a crushing 16:3 in favor of Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend's team on the opponent's Train. The fate of the slot could have been decided on the second map, but the experienced Aleksib and Co. managed to win through two overtimes. The decisive game ended with GODSENT's minimal advantage.

The last game of the game day, in which Dignitas and Nordavind clashed, was not without intrigue. Despite the victory on the first map and the efforts of Jesper "TENZKI" Plugmann, that completed the meeting with a rating of 1.33, the Norwegian club did not manage to beat the Swedes.

The results of the closed qualification:

List of participants Europe Minor - Rio 2020:

 Movistar Riders
 Copenhagen Flames

The next European Minor will take place from April 26 to May 2. The eight teams will meet face to face in Rio de Janeiro for two tours to Major ESL One Rio 2020 and a cash prize of $50,000.