Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 organizers reveal details about tournament

Tournament operator Perfect World announced the details about the upcoming event Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 Counter-Strike 2. The organizers revealed the dates for qualifiers, RMRs and all stages of the Major. The announcement was published on the X social media.

All the qualifying RMR tournaments will be held on LAN in Shanghai. Competitions are scheduled for the following dates:

Asia: November 11 – 14.
America: November 12 – 15.
Europe: November 17 – 24.

The best teams from the official regional rankings will immediately enter the RMRs, while the runners-up will have the opportunity to compete in closed qualifiers.

Closed qualifiers in Europe will take place from August 21 to 24, in America – from August 26 to 28, and in Asia – from August 25 to 30. At the same time, open qualifiers will be held only in the Asian region (from August 21 to 26).

The distribution of slots at the RMR tournaments between regions looks as follows:

Europe: 32 teams, 14 slots (6 teams advance to the Opening Stage, 8 – to the Elimination Stage).
Americas: 16 teams, 7 slots (all teams advance to the Opening Stage).
Asia: 8 teams, 3 slots (all teams advance to the Opening Stage).

The Major itself will take place from November 30 to December 15. Opening Stage is scheduled for November 30 – December 3; Elimination Stage will play out from December 5 to 8, while the playoffs will take place from December 12 to 15. The first two stages of the tournament will be held in a Swiss system, while the last one will be played in a Single Elimination format.

The competition will be hosted by the Chinese city of Shanghai, as it was previously announced. The prize pool for Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 remains unchanged at $1.25 million.