HLTV.org: Falcons sign Magisk

Saudi Falcons organization has reached an agreement for the transfer of Emil "Magisk" Reif from Vitality, as reported by HLTV.org.

Magisk will join the team after Vitality's coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen. Note that the Danish coach will officially head the roster from November 1.

According to HLTV.org, Falcons are also in talks with Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer, but agreements with them have not yet been reached. In addition, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov may also join the lineup, wanting to continue his career with his Bosnian teammate from G2.

Earlier, similar information was shared by GenOne's owner Sebastien "KRL" Perez. He also added that active players Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro and Mohammad "⁠BOROS" Malhas could also join the Falcons roster.

Origin: www.hltv.org