Team Spirit, 9INE, BIG, OG and BNE invited to CCT North Europe Series 8 playoffs

CCT North Europe Series 8 organizers have announced eight teams that will kick off the tournament directly from the playoffs. The list included five rosters from the top 30 of the world ranking, namely Team Spirit, 9INE, BIG, OG, and Bad News Eagles.

Besides the aforementioned teams, 00NATION, SINNERS and Into the Breach also received invites to the decisive stage of the online competition.

In the Round of 16, the invitees will face the finalists of the group stage. The top 8 according to Swiss system are ALTERNATE aTTaX, Sprout, Anonymo, Endpoint, Pompa, Aurora Young Blud, Permitta (ex-los kogutos), and Falcons.

The playoffs of CCT North Europe Series 8 will take place from October 22 to 25. The winner of the tournament will secure $22K from the prize pool.