Rumors: zonic may lead Falcons

Danish coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen may lead Falcons' roster. French streamer KRL spoke about this on his livestream.

It was reported that the organization from Saudi Arabia made the Dane an impressive financial offer that "is too good to refuse." If Sørensen accepts it, he will be receiving more than 99% of the tier-1 players.

KRL also mentioned that zonic will have complete carte blanche with transfers, and will be able to sign any players as Falcons has no budget restrictions. Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and Emil "Magisk" Reif, as well as Astralis' players are among the potential acquisitions.

Earlier, insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich said that Sørensen would depart the position of Vitality's coach at the end of the current season. The Danish coach did not renew his contract with the organization.