CS2 update improves sound and other game aspects

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/29/2023


– Fixed a case where grenade sounds were missing when exploding in-air.
– Added separate sounds for grenades landing in vs out of the playable area.


– Fixed a case where both terrorists in a Wingman match would appear to have the bomb.


– Various bug fixes for the Vulkan renderer.
– Updated Phoenix Soldier icon to reflect recent balaclava color change.
– Fixed a rendering issue in the nametag inspect panel.
– Disallowed binding toggleconsole to mouse1 since it was preventing normal menu interactions.
– Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers.
– Fixed a case where surrender votes would incorrectly fail.


– Fixed a case where foot pinning wasn't active.


– Various bug fixes and tweaks to Ancient.


– Players who launch the game in China and have previously accepted the Steam China Subscriber Agreement will now get a prompt at launch which allows selecting "-perfectworld" or "-worldwide" mode.
– Launch prompt can be activated with "-promptperfectworld" command line flag or completely bypassed if "-perfectworld" or "-worldwide" command line flag is used.


– To launch a community dedicated server, you can use this reference command line: cs2 -dedicated +map de_dust2.
– To enable logging, add to your server commandline: +sv_logfile 1 -serverlogging.
– Or add to a config file: sv_logfile 1, log on.
– To enable HTTP logaddress forwarding, ensure logging is enabled as above and use: logaddress_add_http ":".
– Dispatched logs can be handled the same way as CS:GO.

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