TYLOO part ways with two European players and analyst

TYLOO announced via their social media accounts parting ways with Balkan players Luka "emi⁠" Vuković and Marin "ROGA⁠" Rogić. Analyst Darko "soLo" Mitić also departed Chinese club.

European players have been part of TYLOO since May 2023 and have not been able to help the team to achieve any significant results since then. In turn, soLo has been working with the club since the beginning of 2023, when he joined it as an assistant to head coach Nestor "LETN1" Tanić.

The parting ways with the two esports athletes and an analyst continued the restructuring of TYLOO, which started in mid-September with the departure of LETN1. Thus, now there are only three players left on the roster.

At the moment it is unknown in what form TYLOO will continue the season. Earlier, rumors appeared about the club's intentions to sign the Chinese squad 5yclone.

Current  TYLOO lineup:

 Kelun "SLOWLY" Sun
 WingHei "Freeman" Cheung
 Tengis "sk0R" Batjargal

Origin: twitter.com